Sculpture Jewelry

Sculpture Jewelry

PLASTIC Collection

Alien, organic and material illusions, obtained from the recycle and trasfigurations of objects in plastic material in common use.

Poor materials that become precious, originally so different, which mutually diminish and harmonize into a perfect volume and color scheme.

Strong contrasts between projections in the future and classic re-enactments, between static lines and

dynamic lines, geometrism and sinuosities, fullnesses and trasparencies, opacity and brilliance smooth textures and vibrant textures, make her creations objects whit a unique design, the result of a personal research in continuous evolution.

Simona Girelli expresses herself whit an abstract language, but to do so she uses real elements and under everyone's eyes: the disposable objects plastic objects for food.

These objects, recycled, molded, redefined one by one and decontextualized, lose their rational meaning and their practical functions, to take on a conceptual value, becoming a means of ethical communication, as well as aesthetic.

Original three-dimensional eco-sustainable structures, made entirely by hand and Made in Italy, jewels, "not jewels" that, manufacturing, creativity and uniqueness, make precious.

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