Jewellery collection inspired by Rupert Sheldrake's "The Expensive Mind" book.

The concept proposed by Sheldrake in the book is that the minds extend beyond the body through intentions and metaphorically choose the Ameba or Amoeba, a unicellular organism that, like the mind, sends projections into the surrounding environment.

"I see the jewel as an extension of the mind, not a static object aimed at itself but alive, organic as a projection of the essence of the person who realizes it, the spirit of the wearer and capable of transmitting projections to those who he observes it.

A symbiotic exchange between subjects and object, a telepathic language between minds and matter, in which the mind can subject the matter to vibrate and make known its soul, in which the mind through matter can express its soul in which mind And matter can change shape just as Amoeba and a poor object become precious thanks to the extended mind. "(Simona Girelli)

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