Materials: Plastic spoons - Acrylic panels

Installation made of recycled disposable spoons. Representation of the spring season. (200x200cm)


Materials: Plastic (port paper basket, baby dogs, flower pot for flowers, spoons).

Chair made from recycled material. Representation of the summer season.Materials:


Materials: plastic spoons, acrylic panels.

Decorative panel made of recycled disposable spoons. Representing the fall season. (200x200cm)


Materials: recycled plastic disposable tableware (spoons, cups, salad bowls, trays, plates, cups) - everyday objects recycled (paper holder basket, baby dogs, flower pot) -

acrylic panels.


Installation in which each creation (Spring - Summer - Autumn - Melting Ice) is a season, and the set, a cyclical view staff of the "Four Seasons", in which every season that goes inexorably suffers the effects of what comes .

Objects in common use plastic, recycled and decontextualized, become unique pieces of design.


Expo in the City - EXPO 2015

Materials: recycled bottles (PET) - disposable tableware recycled - scraps of fabric (silk, Etamina) - used mannequins


The project represents a personal interpretation of "The Future of the table."

An optimistic vision of a future in which, now fully aware of the richness of our land, we know how to exploit it and bring it to the table in a healthy way and without waste.

A future in which, able to see beyond the nature and shape of objects, thanks to constant information and careful education which comes from the past, we know perfectly well how to take advantage of the inorganic waste and make them part of a life cycle always in constant renewal.

An informal table but super organized and dynamic in which, through a careful recycling, shows the life cycle of objects.

The same objects and materials used as containers for the food, give shape to chandeliers and pieces of furniture.




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