SKIN LAY - Food film

SKIN LAY - Food Film | Alternative Materials  

Simona Girelli, after various studies and experiments on the food film, has created three processing techniques that has chosen to call Skin Lay.

The idea of ​​straficazione of the plastic film has enabled to obtain a very resistant material, similar to a fabric.

Always playing the layers has been able to develop a technique to make a derivative of this fabric: the lace.

Finally, it has managed to develop an astonishing manipulation technique, thanks to which, weaving a "thread" of food film, you can make lace.

Simona Girelli, the use of alternative food film, a poor material, common and apparently without any presumption artistic relevance, she got materials and alternative products extremely versatile.

These innovative products, thanks to their technical properties (moldability) and aesthetic qualities (unique shades), can be used both in decoration, and in terms of fashion and design.

The techniques are the brainchild of Simona Girelli, the exclusive property of the brand Simona Girelli Designer and protected by Copyright.

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