Tribute to Frida Kahlo

Symbiotic Necklace Simona Girelli selected for the exhibition tribute to Frida Kahlo - Association GioielloDentro.

Frida Kahlo and the reflexes of his soul .... the symbiotic and inseparable relationship with its reflection, with the pain and passion.


Materials: silk Chiffon - glass


I wanted to interpret the importance that has the reflex to Frida Kahlo, that reflection through which he saw his own image; reflection of that light from the depths of his soul emerged each time the fate forced her to shop.

Reflections projected, guided and controlled by a strong soul that, opposing vigorously, manages to free the mind and hand of the body that the cruel fate rendered inert.

broken lines but the dynamics are his body and his rebellious spirit, a dense tangle of twisting and angular lines interpret metaphorically the "prison" pinching her body.

With red, recurring color in his paintings, I wanted to represent the passion that Frida had for herself, for life and for everything he undertook ..... a hymn to joy and his insatiable desire to exist and to shouting the world its existence, but also his courage to live, to love, to shop and, through suffering and pain, to tell, without filters, if not that of art, what he saw.



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