Re - Define the Jewel 2017

RE-DEFINE THE JEWEL 2017 | Exhibitions


"Re-define the Jewel" VI edition - March 22 - 28, 2017 Space Seicento Milano




Precious words and jewels of protagonists in Milan.

The 6th edition of Redefining the Jewel comes from Milan's Space Center

At the Bijou Museum in Casalmaggiore 41 jewels give voice to stories and poems.


Among the guests: Giancarlo Cattaneo from Radio Capital,

Letizia Frigerio from the Bijou Museum, Monica Farnè choreographer of Slapstick.


Milan, March 22, 2017_The contemporary jewel is on show. From March 22 to March 28, 2017, the sixth edition of Ridefinire the Jewel host to the Milan Space Center in Via Savona 99 will be presented. 41 unveiled jewels, designed by Italian and foreign artists, will be presented. Event that received the patronage of City Hall 6 of the Municipality of Milan and of the Municipality of Casalmaggiore.


Redefining the Jewel born in 2010 from an idea by curator Sonia Patrizia Catena over the years has become a point of reference in the material experimentation on the jewel of art. An interesting showcase for artists and designers, an itinerant project that promotes exclusive creations and selected by the jury and partners for: adherence to the theme, research, innovation and originality of ideas and executives. Jewelry between them is very different for materials used, but combined with a single theme: books, tales and poems. These jewelery become precious words, small books of wearable artists, fragments revealing the stylistic figure of each artist, which expresses an intimate and free moment here in the encounter with the text, where each phrase and direction becomes tangible matter that enchants and marvels .


A project that involved more than 2,000 creative artists, designers and goldsmiths who were able to push their research beyond the usual boundaries, demonstrating how the value of a material is in the ability to transfigure an idea Make it wearable.

In these years Renewing the Jewel has intercepted and at the same time stimulated the creative ferment of contemporary jewel, creating a synergic and continuous movement. The event, linked to an annual competition, aims to enhance and promote a new jewel, giving voice to various stylistic and material research. A point of reference and meeting for the same artists and designers who, over the years, thanks to the competition, made a net of dialogue and confrontation.



I have always felt the need to create from what already exists.

In the common objects that surround us, I see forms in alternative shapes and uses.

These objects want me to communicate something and I do nothing but stop listening.

I choose among the most suitable ones, both for materiality and ductility, for my creative purposes, materially altering them by exploiting their plastic characteristics and relocating them to totally different contexts from which they belonged, canceling their origins.

The book The Expanded Mind of Rupert Sheldrake inspired my Amoeba jewelry collection.

The concept proposed by Sheldrake in the book is that the minds extend beyond the body through intentions and metaphorically choose the Ameba or Amoeba, a unicellular organism that, like the mind, sends projections into the surrounding environment.

I see the jewel as an extension of the mind; Not a static object aimed at itself but alive, organic as a projection of the essence of the person who realizes it, the spirit of the wearer and able in turn to transmit projections to those who observe it.

A symbiotic exchange between subjects and object, a telepathic language between minds and matter, in which the mind can subject the matter to vibrate and make known its soul, in which the mind through matter can express its soul in which mind And matter can change shape just as the Amoeba and a poor object become precious thanks to the extended mind.


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