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The collaboration with DHG Dyeing House Gallery, division of international company Gruppo Colle, Dyeing of Prato, is born from the experience, for the first time, a manufacturing technique "homemade" to their specific product: Felt thermoformable.

Already widely used industrially in the world of fashion and design, thanks to this new technology, will be made available to textile artists, artisans and hobbyists.

The name Bake Felt was chosen to highlight the main ingredient needed to work this particular felt: the "cooking".

The molecules of polyester, which is partially composed, react to the action of heat, allowing it to buy stiffness and maintain the position assumed during the phase of overheating.

Extensive creative possibilities, then, in which volumes, obtained from modeling and fixed by heat, are the protagonists.

The Company has made three video tutorials, currently online, where Simona Girelli explains how to work at home felt thermoformable, taking advantage of the extraordinary potential.



Project "Felt lace collection" for DHG

The project Felt Lace Collection is the result of collaboration of Simona Girelli with the company DHG and you can define "creative evolution" of the first project.

Always protagonist felt thermoformable but as more elegant and refined because enriched by an element which changes the appearance and texture: lace.

The company produced, exclusively designed by Simona Girelli, a whole collection costitutita from many color variations of the final product felt lace thermoformable (wool felt coupled with Italian lace) and kits.


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