Born in 1973, Simona Girelli received her high school diploma Artistic State of Novara and later frequents Ceramics courses, specializing in decoration.

Having operated for years a shop-laboratory of hand painted ceramics and exhibited her work in solo exhibitions, dedicated to unique projects that will soon become part of the Creative Trend Skillfully Show-Atelier International Creative Crafts of Vicenza.

Design and artistically unconventional, ranging from the Fashion Design offering fashion accessories, clothing, home accessories and decorative lighting in different materials, processed with personal and new techniques.

The continuous research and experimentation of unusual materials are the supporting elements of her original projects; the obsessive attention to the reuse and the study of the form are the context in which its modus operandi moves.

Her very personal jewels are born from the idea of creating and assembling unique components recycling and altering plastic objects for food (containers, cutlery, trays, utensils ...).

For her recycling projects he uses, in addition to plastic materials, also industrial metal waste, resins, pvc and fabrics.

For Simona Girelli the objects are clay to be molded or elements to be used unaltered to give shape to imposing chandeliers, furnishing accessories and installations; the fabrics, treated and shaped by her, become wearable textile sculptures.

In addition to exhibiting her works in events and museums, teaches her techniques and collaborates with magazines and companies.

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